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Top 10 questions, answers and reasons to purchase a engine kit over individual parts.

  1. Price and time:
     Anytime that you can purchase all of your engine components in the form of an engine kit it saves both time and money. A kit allows you to get everything with just one purchase.
  2. Why does it save money?
     Engine kit components more often than not are purchased in bulk. Once we have a known sales history and combination of parts we can negotiate with the manufacturer of the components in the kit for volume discounts. These discounts are then passed on to you, the customer.
  3. Will it all fit?
     The old adage "why reinvent the wheel" stands true for an engine kit. Once the combination of all the parts to rebuild an engine have been compiled it saves hours of time pulling together a list of parts for a rebuild. Why would anyone want to look up all of the individual parts for an application every time someone  calls? In kit form we know that this particular list of parts fits this year, make, model and that all the parts in the kit work together.
  4. Is everything there?
     Anytime you purchase your components as a engine kit you know that you are getting all the parts to do the job. Nothing is worse than getting all the way to the point of assembling your engine only to be held up because you forgot to order a part that would have been included in a kit.
  5. Technical advice:
     Experience along with trial and error has helped RPM Machine, as your engine parts supplier figure out what culmination of parts are needed to rebuild any particular engine. For example some engines like a Chrysler may need a distributor drive bushing included in the kit. This is a small component that most everyone overlooks until they go to put the engine back together and realize they have a problem and need a part that cannot be purchased at the local parts store.
  6. Right the first time:
     As your parts specialist we want to make sure that you get the right parts the first time! Our experience in the school of hard knocks has taught us what parts must be replaced and need to be included in your engine kit. Some kits have more parts than others because we have already worked on the same engine you are working on today and know what may need to be replaced over and above the typical parts in a kit to do the job right.  
  7. Customization of a kit:
      An engine kit contains a specific list of parts for any particular engine. We can go over the list of parts contained in a kit to make sure that you have thought of everything you may need.  Once we have gone over a kit we can add to or take away from this list of parts to make sure that you only spend your hard earned money on the parts you actually need. Some engine rebuilds kits may need other items added such as valves, springs or rocker components. We already have these components listed as add on components for any particular kit. Saving once again time and money for you the customer.
  8. Upgrades:
     Once we  have an engine kit put together and know what components work together to rebuild the engine we can then make upgrades or changes. One of the most common upgrades to a kit would be the camshaft. Most engines have some type of camshaft that has been designed by an aftermarket supplier such as Competition or Crane cams. Most aftermarket camshafts are designed to help an engine make more power in a specific rpm range and or operating environment. Our parts specialists can help you pick out a camshaft that suits your application. Some of the other areas that we offer customers the ability to upgrade are pistons, rings, freeze plugs, higher volume or pressure oil pump, timing components and more.  
  9. Technical advice:
     At RPM Machine we are not here just for the sale of the parts. We are here to help you from start to finish.  Once we have put together and engine kit combination we stand behind it. We know that this list of parts fits your application and that you have a kit built with the best parts we can put in a box. We can also help supply engine specifications, technical bulletins, diagnostics and more.
  10. Customer Service:
     Our main purpose at RPM Machine is to make sure that you have a great experience with your engine project.  We want you to return to us in the future for any parts you may need. By putting together more engine kit combinations than anyone else on the web we have the ability to offer you more combinations than any other supplier out there.


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